The “Matra Italia” and Matra section of the “Scuderia San Martino” in San Martino in Rio, province of Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Inside the Scuderia San Martino figure section as brand autonomous with regard to the activities’ radunistica, computer science and graphic literature.
Aims of the club, which performs activities’ national character, are:


  • To promote the association and the preservation of the brand Matra in Italy, facilitating the exchange of information between the owners of the cars of the French house.
  • The organization of meetings of a national brand designed to engage members to live together their passion for cars Matra.
  • The writing of at least three newsletters a year with brand specific events and miscellaneous services relating to the world Matra Italian and European real point of union between the direction of the section and the Shareholders.
  • Provide assistance to members in obtaining spare parts and advice for the restoration of the cars.
  • Provide assistance to owners of insurance with possibility ‘ to avail discounts on your insurance premium , tax assistance for the processing of formalities ‘ registration and approval to ‘ A.S.I. for tax purposes (exemption stamp duty) and certification of historicity ‘.
  • The activation of a forum on the platform “Yahoo ” , accessible via password , open to all owners of cars Matra.
  • The activation of a group on the platform ” Facebook” , accessible via password , open to all owners of cars Matra.
  • To promote, within the framework of a simple increased activity ‘ international character, mail exchanges and computer with the major European clubs Matra , what already’ in place for some time with the organization of meetings open to international participation.
  • The “Matra Italia” and ‘ currently the only Italian club operating for specific cars Matra.

San Martino in Rio , is a place not too well known , lying peacefully in the rich plains of Emilia .
It can be reached by taking the highway to the Brenner Pass in the Modena Nord exit and then immediately Campogalliano.
In a few miles , surrounded by a very classic landscape of rural tranquility and industrious , you get to S. Martino fully convinced that there is not much to see .
To find out , over a quarter of an hour , which in S. Martin there are Museum of agriculture and the rural world housed in a splendid castle, a Radio Museum, the Car Museum, with a good quantity of material already collected, a Museum of the two Wheels and a School Museum in which to display the remains of many of the tools ( pens from the banks ), which in the past helped to form and deform the younger generation.
The next discovery was that the whole thing works fine, ie that the apparent disorganization is actually an informal organization but no less efficient , rather than pre-industrial post , since it blends very well with the ancient and the modern, the tam tam and internet experts and newbies.
The Car Museum was born in 1956 , now considered vintage car when they were not even designed . Yet after more than 50 years continues to be a destination for travelers, the culmination of diverse lineages .
And You, virtual wanderer , discover what lies behind this page , but also to you, in your virtuality will always be offered a bit ‘ of fresh water , some talk , some news.
And if you want to wayfarer virtual divenir real , remember , a bottle of good wine is the best ticket.

The “Car Museum” is open every Sunday during the hours 10:30 to 12:30 15:30 to 18:30 . It ‘also open every Friday night from 21 to 24 . Closed throughout the month of August.

The “Scuderia San Martino” offers to its members all practice Monday from 21 to 24 ( excluding public holidays and August ) .

By appointment Tuesday and Thursday morning